Being present on the internet is good, but letting the world know about it is better... And this mission (and not the easiest one) is that of SEO...

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Referencing and optimization

Morgan Communication is specialized in the creation of websites, SEO development and web-marketing actions.


So first of all, what’s SEO?

Being present on the internet is great, but letting the world know about it it’s better … And this mission (and not the easiest one) is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) … As you will have understood, SEO is an essential step in the digital marketing of your company.

1. Define your keywords :

Keywords are a set of words that will guide your text, so they are essential. For our article the keywords are: internet referencing, seo, improve. It is important that they are present in your text, in your title, and also (if possible) in the url of your page. But beware, do not abuse them… Google doesn’t like repetition abuse.

2. Write interesting and relevant content :

As stated above, the text is extremely important, so it is essential to think about the drafting and NOT TO COPY AN EXISTING TEXT. Having interesting content, very little repetition with keywords… in short, qualitative content, will make your text a powerful ally for your SEO.

3. Tags and links:

Meta data is data that is only visible to search engines. You can, use it to describe your text to google, but also your photos (often forgotten), do not let them be called “image1.jpg” because google will not be able to use it your reference them on google image for example.

Although metadata are less and less used by search engines, we still advise to use them for referencing on other indexes.

– Also add internal links to your site on your page, to create links between pages and make navigation easier (search engines like that, and so do your visitors).

– Get external links that redirect to your site.
This is surely one of the most complicated things to have but surely the most qualitative (which also adds value to your marketing approach).

4. Link your social networks to your site:

And yes social networks have their importance in the SEO of your site. Link your pages and profiles with your site and do not hesitate to re-post your articles in order to increase interactivity…

5. Use the richer data:

Here is the result of a google search without the data

Without rich data

Here is now a search result with the enriched data

Rich Data

The “RICH SNIPPETS” as our friends across the Atlantic call them.
Rich SNIPPETS are simply the google results related to your site but with additional data, such as a rating, or an image.

They are very useful to improve your position on search engines but also to improve interactions and differentiate your site from your competitors.

6. Make use of the tools developed by search engines :

Google and Bing are your friends, and they are constantly developing new tools to help you make your online presence more interactive and to make browsing more enjoyable for Internet users. See the article we wrote on the subject.

7. Call for help:

Firing a flare into the sky probably won’t help you much… But using a Web-marketing agency like Morgan Communication, yes…

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Improve your SEO in 2020.

Being present on the internet is good, but letting the world know about it is better… And this mission (and not the easiest one) is that of SEO…

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