Development of your global & local SEO.

Dedicated and strategic SEO.

The referencement (SEO), this ultra powerful tool that you have to exploit for your website.

 Search Engine Optimisation, in order to rank websites, search engines don’t have magic wands. And imagine how many employees it would take for companies like Google to analyze every single web page.

Google and other search engines like bing, have developed what are called bots, that is to say robots. Its bots have the task of reading each web page in order to classify them by area of interest, which is called natural referencing. However, there is a huge mass of websites, and this is where SEO comes in. Concretely, SEO is a set of techniques dedicated to helping bots understand your website and its content in order to rank your pages with relevance and quality in the index.

First, audit and strategy development.

we propose solutions in order to optimize at best the pages of your website to improve your positioning results in search engines (indexing).

First of all, we perform an SEO audit (website analysis), this audit is necessary in order to :

– Understand the content of your site.
– Analyze the keywords that best match your website.
– Evaluate the mesh of your site, which means (in a simple way) that we will evaluate the ease of navigation between the pages of your website.
– Analyze the technical files of your website in order, for example, to speed up your site.
– Know your E-reputation
– Know the pagerank and Trustflow of your site (estimation)

After that, we will have an overview of your website, which will allow us to evaluate :

– The needs, modifications and improvements needed to improve your natural referencing.
– The presence or absence of key elements that would give your website possible penalties in the indexing of your website.

Time for action.

Once the reference audit has been carried out on your site, we will take action.

– To improve local SEO via Google business tools and integration into local SEO services such as YELP.

– To integrate professional search engine optimization tools.
– To have a fast and efficient website via professional tools.
– To get a well architected site to help bots and users understand the content. (tagging).
– To develop textual content that follows the rules of semantics.
– And many other optimizations and techniques.


Our SEO services are not restricted to our web design clients only, even if your website has not been developed by our agency, we will optimize your website with the same attention to detail.



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