The creation of your website from A to Z.

mogan communication conçoit votre site web

The creation of your custom website.

As a web agency, the creation of websites is at the core of our job.

Unfortunately, many people who are starting to take an interest in creating a site think it will be easy and quick, and to be honest, seeing all the web editors like Wix, we can believe it. However the creation of a web project needs to be structured and thoughtful… it is essential to think in the place of the user:

– Is my site pleasant? Is it interactive? Is it easy to use?

Your communication agency specialized in the web is your asset for a professional quality website that looks like you.

Understand your needs to develop a useful site.

First of all, building a website depends on your business sector and the objective of your website, so we will :

– Understand whether it’s a redesign of your site content or building a website.

– Analyze together your market in order to adapt your project to user demand.
– Define your needs (E-commerce shop or showcase site), as well as the number of pages desired.
– Study your current digital communication (Google Adwords for example) and your visual identity (logos and images among others).
– Study your current natural referencing in Google and Bing search (Google Maps and My business).

Following this Audit, we will establish :

– The type of website desired and the most adapted to your digital needs.
– The graphic design of the project, the website and your web pages so that everything fits your graphic charter (webdesign).

Then, and after the delivery of the necessary elements for the creation of your website, we will start designing a site.

Your site can be managed by yourself thanks to simple and powerful tools.

Our web design solutions :

– Are based on CMS and are therefore administrable in the back office.
– Are optimized responsive design.
– Follows your webmarketing guidelines.
– Are provided with an SSL certificate for security and search engine trust.
– Are developed to be visible and get a good SEO from the beginning of your website.
– Offers web hosting for the first year.
– Allow you to have a customizable and professional footer.
– Give a set up, if requested, of an e-commerce shop (mainly prestashop and woocommerce).
– Provides the basic graphics created by a webdesigner and a graphic designer.
– Uses only essential tools and reliable and quality plugins.
– Guarantee the writing of an optimized content.
– Optimizes the markup of text and images.
– Offers CSS and HTML code optimization to increase the speed of your web pages.

Our web design services in a few words :

Simple and effective creative solutions :

For most of our projects, we exploit the power of CMS in order to offer you an accessible, reliable and efficient solution.

the possibility of confiding the webmastering to us.

You don’t have the time or knowledge to manage your site? Following the design of your website, you can entrust the management of your site to us.

Training and technical support included for 6 months :

Once your site is delivered, we offer training to learn how to manage the basics of your site. On top of that, we also offer a 6 month support for the management of your technical problems directly related to your site.

Access to our SEO solutions at a privileged price :

To have an exceptional site is very good, but to have visits is still better. We will propose, for you, our services of referencing at a privileged price.

A basic SEO included and an integration of google tools :

During the design of your site, we integrate all the (non-visible) meta data necessary for a good referencing of your site. In addition, we also integrate the opening of your site the different tools such as the Search Console.



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